No Seppuku Allowed

If ever I had a bad idea, it has to be this one. Seriously, what the hell am I suppose to do with a website of my own. This has no use whatsoever.

Of course, pardon my being rude. If you hadn't noticed from [oh I don't know] the name of the domain (, I am Joshua Ricart, a Neo Tokyo Techie [pronounced: techie; yes it's a real word, informal however]. For some odd reason I decided to purchase this site, along with the other six. However the rest of my purchase had reason backing them up. This is crap, the result of too late a night and my getting the idiotic idea of getting my name and doing crap. So now, this shall become my lab; anything I wanna try out will first be done here. Atleast that'll put some use to this.

By the way, the input boxes at the top are simply to let the viewer choose the font of the page and background color. I'm running a Win 2003 server and I've fallen in love with ASP, so I'm trying to use VBScript as much as possible in all the pages I create. Much good it's doing me here.


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