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For lack of any ideas or motivation to make a great deal of this page, links are static [everything written here is typed directly onto the page]. I don't have much of any means for presenting the links or categorizing them, so here they are:

Memoirs of a Novice
'Memoirs' is a site where fellow developers may share their stories of true novice moments in their careers. Blunders that happen [usually not intended] that make for a great story. The main topic is developer's stories, but all stories are welcomed and appreciated here. So please, share what you've got.

We may not have a fireplace and some hot cocoa waiting for you, but we'll offer some attentive listeners.

Xanthians Online
Xanthians Online was created in 1997 and has been operational since. Xo is a fan site of a popular series of novels written by Fantasy-author Piers Anthony, this series of novels are called 'Xanth'.

Meco Miami, Inc.
Meco Miami, Inc. With 30 years of experience, the best source for heavy equipment sales, rentals, and parts for local and the world-wide market.

Neo Tokyo Technologies, Inc.
Corporate catalog of product offerings for Neo Tokyo Technologies. Good place to get a domain and some hosting too.

Alley Man Publications
Website for Alley Man Publications, with links to information and other works the company is associated with.


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