No Seppuku Allowed

I like this script. Though the accuracy isn't tested and it should only be used for fun [not education {as they seem to say}]. However, let me give the credit for this script.

<-- Original: Momoko Sakura -->
<-- Modified By: Ronnie T. Moore, Editor -->

There are instructions [as is for all]:
This script will translate your name so you could say it in Japanese. There are a few things you need to keep in mind though:
1. Most importantly, this section uses Javascript, so you need a Javascript capable browser to use this feature. If you can't enable the feature on your browser or your browser doesn't support Javascript, then this feature does not work for you!
[Hey! This site is mostly ASP VBScript, if you've seen most of it already than you're good...baka.]

2. Don't use puntuation, or else this might not work. However, spaces are okay.

3. The name generated is not guaranteed to be actual, factual, or literal

Your Name:


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