No Seppuku Allowed

I am Samurai. Jorge, a Ninja, is my counterpart. He's an artist and a damned good one too. He's done just about all the drawings I've used anywhere, whether it be the paper or these websites. Here's some of his work.

Concept drawing that'll be used for the footer of the site.

Joshua, the Samurai
Jorge's sketch of me as the ronin warrior, it's shown at the foot of my webpages.

Martial Jasser (various)
Concept art, Jorge's sketch of Jasser's comic character portrayal.

Clan/Family Officers
Concept art, what me and some of my clansmen might look like; I'm more clearly recognized here. Note the mix of cultures in the clothings worn.

The Faces
Some more concept art for Jorge's NightmareGEARS character, The Faces gives a taste of the many emotions and expressions this pilot will have.


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