No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/30/2012 10:20:11 PM
Seems that Jorge and I are sitting here, in a Starbucks, and somehow the website came up.

Come to think, it was because I mentioned travel to Japan, Winter 2013, and I wanted to luck up what the money counter in the backend had summed since I created it back in 2004. Apparently we would each have somewhere around $20,650 (week 413) had we continued saving for the trip. It's kinda funny, looking at it now.

Anyway, it's been ages since I've ranted and much has changed. We're approaching the website's 10th anniversary in another year or so and it's interesting to think of all that has occurred since inception.

Somehow we're still working on that same story, though with a hell of a lot more material than back when we started ranting. Just the same, it's been a good few years, lots accomplished, still more to do, stil looking forward to getting the story out.

So, as I was typing, Jorge tried to post a rant and got an error; probably 'cause of the last time I swapped the website's server, so time to go check on things.

Josh out.

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