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Post Date: 12/5/2005 11:35:47 PM

Well, Josh - Currently... My weekends are yours, so pick a time you want, and do it soon.

I've lately been having trouble focusing my attention on the comic. New ideas and art work have been constantly worked on, but even with a semi finished script and story board, I'm not ready to start the final work. I think this is mostly due to that fact that were only partly ready. The story board has been reviewd, but the script isn't finished, and since I'm currently the only one who has reviewed what we have in a whole...

Ugg, This is what I'm going to do. Next meeting, after we set aside all the important stuff, and finish the dialogue, then I want a full review of what the finished work will portray. I've looked at this, and I feel like I might want to add a prologue episode. Nothing as grand as the first, but something to set the SAMNIN mood better. This is partly due to Josh's request for revisal on the "rules of the univers". I think it needs establishment early in the game. Then there are other problems regarding character colors [dre's request], and backstory that I want to add...oi

The real problem is that it would take quite the meeting for me to satisfy all my questions and discussions. Our record on meetings says this might be impossible. Josh, if you can, I'm requesting one of your "I'm Josh and this meeting better go well or heads will roll" kind of attitude for the next one. Dunno about everyone else, but I'm in need of it.

Soon this artist's self-torture-o-meter shall be on the rise, I'm being employed again. This roughly cuts my sleep time a good 75% less than usual. I'm already feeling the fatigue and its the first day on the job. Anywho, I'm going to try my best not to let this impede on my work with JR projects and SAMNIN. Still, Josh know I can't juggle tasks well, and now with school coming to its finals... OI!

Currently Jorge has this schedual:

7:00AM -3:00PM Work

7:05PM-8:25PM School[math]


7:00AM -3:00PM Work


7:00AM -3:00PM Work

7:05PM-8:25PM School[math]


7:00AM -3:00PM Work

8:30PM-10:50PM School[Sociology]


7:00AM -3:00PM Work


10AM PFS Class


Jees, don't know why I bothered with that, killed like 20 minutes on that for probably nothing to gain. Well inbetween all that stuff, I manage to fit; drawing, script writing, idea and brainstorming, studying for my Life license, Studying for Finals, peeing, hangin out with the SAMNIN crew, Josh's random appearances, picking my nose, breathing, SAMNIN meetings, and finally ranting on JR.

Hmm there was some more stuff i probably wanted to say, but my brains low on BATT right now. And ofcoarse I say no to COFFEE [Josh is just waiting for me to submit]. NEVER!!!

I've said all that I needed to so far,


Oh yeah, Jasser my reasons for the lack of intrest in women is purely for its ability to slow me down. I mean, look at you... Nuff said.

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