No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/3/2012 5:13:35 AM
Its been a long night-in-to-day weekend at PAV! Although it didn't feel like 4 in the morning, it definitely showed through for Jessica! Thanx again for the ride home guys, Beer + hour = a sleepy and dangerous driver Jorge. I just want to make a quick mention, and later I'll elaborate on the evening's events... Game of Thrones Board Game, original thoughts were: Could be Epic! My current thoughts on it are: Friggin Hardcore! I mean it, it's a hardcore board game. You have to have patience and a little ''Youtube'' to learn the rules! After we got the game going we started to realize how deep the strategies and the intrigues of it can get. I didn't even get near a win, but I felt proud to have worn down David's siege from the sea. Then after David's fall, I fended off Josh's rise to power and his much more dynamic way of attacking. At least long enough for King Gus to take enough castles and unify the lands... Anywho, more on that after I get some sleep. Gnight!

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