No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 10/27/2016 11:12:59 AM
HOLY COW! I'm RANTING on This is too much. I feel nostalgic and hilariously giddy. I'm ranting from work so that I can use a real keyboard instead of that crappy virtual keypad on my phone. Let's see whats new!? I'm married now! Happily married to my lovely wife Darnelle Daverman (who is now Mrs. Vasquez). We moved in together in our nice home, and were are renovating little by little. Funny that I met her through Josh's girlfriend, Jessica! He, may have rigged this thing... I'd dig deeper but probably risk my life or have another evil twin fight me to the death... Nope, just rather enjoy it. Working in a new company now. ArtServe in Ft. Lauderdale! Its a non profit, so waaaay different from ParkWest. Having a great time curating! As for Samnin, it's parts are all there. They float in space- awaiting the cosmic order to explode, create some sort of gravitational pull that will force everything together into unity. Rant end.

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